Brain Gym in a Box – Out Now
Beating Brain Fog
Sabina Brennan
Real Health Podcast with Karl Henry
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Free Cork Event
Brain Gym in a Box – Out Now
S4:E11 It’s only a penis with artist and sex worker Kate McGrew
S4:E10 That Knocking Sound with Barnaby Walter
S4:E9 Sexual Pleasure with Sexologist Emily Power Smith
S4:E8 Making New Dreams with Lauren White Murphy
S4:E7 Life is not a sentence with Amanda Smyth
S4:E6 – Heal your Hole with Norma Sheahan
S4:E5 Football: A Concussion Delivery System with Michael Kaplen
Super Brain Blog: Season 4 Episode 4
Super Brain Blog – Season 4 Episode 3
Super Brain Blog – Season 4 Episode 2
Super Brain Blog – Season 4 Episode 1
Event: Laughter in the Workplace
Podcast: Beyond Migraine
Teaser – Super Brain Season 4
Podcast: The Happy Menopause
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Online: Sheerluxe Gold Edition
Super Brain Blog – Season 3 Episode 12
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Super Brain Blog – Season 3 Episode 11
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Super Brain Blog – Season 3 Episode 9
Beating Brain Fog
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Super Brain Blog – Season 3 Episode 8
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Super Brain Podcast Season 3 Episode 7
Podcast: Shut the Front Door
Radio: Today with Claire Byrne
Podcast: IT Women’s Podcast
Beating Brain Fog
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Radio: Today with Claire Byrne
Corporate Wellness – Bookings dan@speakerscorner.co.uk
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Super Brain Podcast
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French Edition published 23rd October
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Chinese Edition published August 2020
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Italian Edition Published March 2020
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News: Launch National Strategy
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Speaker: Indeed
Speaker: Bray Community College
TV: RTE Today Show 25/11/19
Rolling Sun Book Festival
Speaker: Midas AGM
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Speaker: Wexford Science Festival
Speaker: How To Academy London
Print: Mayo News
Speaker: MS Sessions Bucharest
Speaker: Living Well With Migraine – Athlone
Print: Prune Mirror India
Speaker: Defy Dementia -Clonakilty
Print – Mirror UK
Speaker: Frascati
Panellist: Future Health Summit
TV: Live Better for Longer – RTE
Print: SAGA Magazine – UK
Print: Ageing Matters
Radio: TRE Radion – Spain
Speaker: Digital Health – Lithuania
Irish Embassy London – Celebrating 100 Days to a Younger Brain
Radio: ABC Australia
Speaker: What is Ageing
The Inspiring Talk Podcast – India
Radio: The Final Furlong
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Speaker: Ask the Scientist BNA 2019
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Exercise and chronic health conditions
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News: Irish No 1 non-fiction best-seller
Review: Emerald Street
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100 Days to a Younger Brain Book Launch
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TV3 – Elaine
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TV: Elaine
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News: Brain Awareness Week
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100 Days to a Younger Brain
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Book: Free audible tips for your commute
RTE – Today with Dáithí and Maura
TV: Today with Dáithí and Maura
Print: Marie Claire – Brain Fog
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Website: Say Hello to Brain Health
Website: Worried about memory loss?
App: Free download brain health app
Website: Living with MS?
Speaker: Peninsula Society
Testimonial: U3A Monkstown
Speaker: Global Room DUWA
Speaker: ARI Eastern Region (North)
Podcast: Women in Leadership
Radio: Lunchtime Live
How to Keep your Brain Healthy
Age and Intimacy
Chair: Ageing and Intimacy
Speaker: IDA – Keynote
Radio: Marian Finucane
Award: IMAGE Women of the Year 2018
Speaker: Lifelong learning
Physical and Emotional Attraction
Vaccines: Later Life
Developing Animations
Neonatal Intensive Care
Print: From Soap Star to Scientist
Speaker: Wexford Science Festival
Love and Lust
Radio: Love, lust, sex and the brain
Speaker: Cavan Science Festival
Why is Attention Important?
Radio: Lunchtime Live
Testimonial: The Sanctuary
Testimonial: St Vincent’s
How to include people with dementia
Speaker: MS Ireland Conference
Radio: The Hard Shoulder
Launch: ASI Cook Book
Speaker: Culture Night: Terry Prachett
What is therapeutic hypothermia?
Speaker: Leadership – Perth, Scotland
Online: Techcentral Interview
My Photography: Pride 2018
ASI Pre-Budget Submission 2018
Testimonial: Age & Opportunity
Speaker: Workplace Wellness
Speaker: National Carer’s Week
Research: Dementia Carers
Launch: National Carer’s Week
My Photography: Birds Starlings
Radio: RTE Newspaper Panel
Speaker: University of the Third Age
Speaker: Living Well Group
Alzheimer’s Tea Day 2018
TV: Ireland AM
Radio: The Hard Shoulder – Panel
Radio: Lunchtime Live
Radio: Kildare Radio
Age Friendly Trinity Exhibition
Speaker: Ageing in Place
TV: Saturday AM
Meet Trinity’s Trailblazers
Radio: Lunchtime Live
Online: The Journal
Radio: Hard Shoulder – Panel
Vaccines: Pregnancy and Health
Radio: Saturday Sit In Panel
Radio: Marian Finucane – Memory
TV: True Lives
My Photography: Birds Robins
TV3 – Baby Hater
TV: Operation Transformation
Research: Hearing Loss & Dementia
Saturday Sit In Concussion
Speaker: Irish Embassy London
Speaker: Manchester
Print: University Times
How does your memory work?
Print: Irish Times
Radio: The Hard Shoulder – The Dunkirk Effect
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Award: Innovation for Social Impact
Speaker: Trinity Retirement Association
Radio: The Wireless: Arena
Awards: Trinity Innovation 2017
Radio: The Hard Shoulder – Panel
Testimonial: Cavan County Library
Radio: The Hard Shoulder – Spectator Stress
Panellist: SFI Summit
Radio: The Pat Kenny Show – My Career in Science
Radio: The Hard Shoulder – Panel
TV: Tonight Show
Radio: The Pat Kenny Show – Dementia
Radio: High Noon – Dangers of Sitting
Comment: Dementia Carers
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Speaker: Problem Solving Festival
Print: The Daily Star
Stress, Migraine and Work
Radio: High Noon
Launch: Age Friendly Trinity
Print: The Irish Daily Mail
Trinity joins Age Friendly University Network
Print: Irish Independent
Speaker: Brain Health for MS
Speaker: Brain Health for MS
Radio: High Noon
Speaker: Brain Health in a Clinical Setting
Trinity becomes more age-friendly
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: Irish Times
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Awards: US-Ireland Research Innovation
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: Irish times
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Women’s Mental Health in Ireland
My Photography: Birds Clontarf Coast
Age Friendly Trinity Photo Shoot
Radio: High Noon – Pet Grief
Radio: Newstalk – Alive and Kicking
Online: The Journal
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: The Daily Mail
Print: The Star Chic Magazine
Brain Health 4 Kids Challenge
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Radio: WLR FM Waterford
Speaker: Carers
Online: The Journal
Online: Irish Health
Print: Irish Independent
Radio: Kildare FM – Carers
Speaker: Schull
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Radio: Drive – Alcohol & adverse brain outcomes
Print: RTE Guide
Online: Newstalk.com
Print: Trinity News
Print: Irish Daily Mirror
Print: Irish Examiner
Print: Longford Leader
Radio: High Noon – Panelist
US-Ireland Research Innovation
Speaker: RESTORE – RDS
Award: US-Ireland Research Innovation
Comment: Have Your Say
Trinity chases US-Ireland Research Innovation Success
Radio: High Noon – Citizens Assembly
Print: Irish Examiner
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Comment: Defending Science
Testimonial: Adult Literacy Organisers
Vaccines: For Everyone
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Radio: High Noon Panel
Testimonial: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown
Cognitive Decline is Not Inevitable
Is High Blood Pressure Bad for my Brain
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Radio: Newstalk Breakfast – Concussion
Print: Opinion Piece – Ageism
Print: Irish Independent
Out of Silence
Testimonial: Dublin Adult Literacy
TV: The Late Late Show
Awards: Shortlist Research Innovation
Awards: Science Communication
Speaking about Ageism on the Late Late
Do men really dies quicker?
Feeling Stressed?
Radio: High Noon – Panel
RTE Today Show with Dáithí and Maura
Building Resilience
TV: Today with Dáithí and Maura
Testimonial: Muintir na Tire
Speaker: Lyreacrompane
Radio: Today with Patricia Messenger
Testimonial: Rehab
Radio: High Noon – Panel
My Photography: Birds Brent Geese
Combatting Ageism for Successful Ageing
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Online: RTE Lifestyle
Radio: High Noon – Loneliness
TV: Ireland AM
Online: Silicon Republic
Supporting carers
Radio: High Noon
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: Humanist Times
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: Irish Independent
Radio: High Noon – Fairytales
Speaker: Science Rising
Radio: High Noon-Panel
Testimonial: Leskinfare, Wexford
Print: Xposé Magazine
Testimonial: U3A – Bray
Testimonial: BIFE
What is Cognitive Reserve?
MS and Cognitive Function
Print: Irish Examiner
Radio: Moncrief – Stress, memory & millennials
Online: EVOKE.ie
How can I keep my brain healthy?
Radio: Matt Cooper
TV: Midday
Radio: High Noon – Panel
Print: Scottish Daily Mail
Testimonial: Befriending Networks
Testimonial: Novartis
Radio: Marian Finucane – Advice for Carers
Testimonial: Touchstone
Speaker: Living with dementia in rural Ireland
Print: Irish Independent
Testimonial: Dublin Volunteer Centre
Launch: A Day in May
News: Trinity Week – Memory
Alzheimer’s Tea Day
Comment: The Issues Remain
Venice Biennale 2016 – ‘Losing Myself’
Print: Irish Times
Print: Irish Independent
Podcast: Guardian Science Weekly
Online: Journal.ie
TV: Tonight with Vincent Browne Seanad Debate
Print: Irish times
Managing Challenging Behaviours
Print: Massaging Memories
Speaker: Trinity Week – Memory
Image: Irish Times
Print: Single Issues – Seanad
Print: Women leaving workforce and dementia
Radio: Newstalk Breakfast – Dementia
Comment: Trinity Graduates only 30% Vote
The best place to grow up & grow old
Print: Interviews with Seanad Candidates
Seanad Interview
Radio: The Right Hook Brain Awareness
Radio: Neurorehabilitation needed
Seanad Support
Video: Seanad Campaign Launch
Print: Down-sizing
Call for Minister for Older People
Print: Concussion
Radio: Tipp FM Fran Curry
Two Minute Video – My Priority Issues
Print: Concussion Poll
Print: Brian O’Driscoll – Concussion
Print: TCD Seanad – Sixteen Candidates
Print: Tackle Ban – Concussion
Radio: Cork Today
Radio: Pat Kenny – Concussion
The Rights of Older People
Comment: Action on concussion
Comment: Support for Older People
Print: Wellness Trends
Comment: Positive Ageing
Comment: Combat Ageism
Comment: Ageism a barrier to rights
Comment: Dementia Prevention
Comment: Life Long Learning
Comment: Disability Rights
Comment: Ageing with ID
Comment: Unnecessary Disability
Comment: Men Care Too
Comment: Equality of Access
Comment: Alumni voting costs
Comment: Inclusive Secular Vision
Print: Seanad Candidates Declare
Radio: Marian Finucane
Comment: Don’t get Mad get Equal
Print: Small changes
Comment: Human Rights Day
Global Brain Health Institute
Addressing Health Inequalities
Radio: The Right Hook – Dementia
Comment: Dementia Consultation
Comment: Marriage Equality Bill
Comment: Seanad Reform
Stay Socially Engaged
Print: Lifelong learning and health
Online: Mind your hearing
Print: Keep your brain sharp
Print: The Corkman
Radio: Joe Duffy – Marriage Referendum
Print: The Irish Times
Online: Her.ie Lego Posters
Print: Your opinion matters but only your vote counts
Print: Tullamore Tribune
Online: Public Health Well
Online: Irish Medical Times
Print: Is ‘Balanced’ Debate Fair to Families?
TV: The Week in Politics
Calling for Marriage Equality
Online: EILE Magazine
TV: Today
Print: Friendship and Happiness
Print: Irish Examiner
Hello Brain Health – Finalist GSK App Challenge
Films Showcased by two International Exhibitions
Print: Buff your brain power
Radio: Marian Finucane
Print: Plastic Brain
Print: Technology
Print: Trinity News – Discover Research
Print: Discover Research Night
Radio: Morning Ireland
Speaker: Discover research
Speaker: Hello Brain Launch
Print: Road testing the app
Online: Thinking positive – getting fit
Online: New Campaign Promotes Brain Health
Hello Brain Launched
Launch: Hello Brain
Print: This is what I do
Radio: Marian Finucane – Animations
TV: Ireland AM
Online: Quirky Animations
Print: The Sun – Dementia Films
Online: Difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s
Online: Short films tackle dementia stigma
Online: Short films tackle stigma
Print: Films Tackle Stigma
Print: Cartoons can help
Print: Films aimed at fighting dementia
A GP’s Memory Check Up
Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
I have Dementia, what can I do?
Worried about Dementia?
Concerned about Memory Loss?
Can your Memory go Completely?
Radio: Morning Ireland
Online videos aim to boost brain health
TV: Morning Edition
Online: Can socially engaging meals help?
Print: Retirement group train their brains
TV: Doctors on Call
Late Life Achievement
Is exercise good for my brain?
Will I lose my memory when I get old?
The Future
How can I keep my brain sharp?
TV: Morning Edition
Online: Research on carers
Online: 1 million EU funding
Chair: SFI Summit
Alumni Appeal Sabina’s Story


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