Super Brain Podcast Season 3 Episode 7

Show Notes S3:E7

Heart Surgery, Hallucinations and PTSD with Tom Dunne (Part 2)

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In this episode, Tom Dunne talks me through his journey to and through life-saving heart surgery Tom literally almost died as his kidney’s failed – thankfully he survived and is not only in great form but is a fantastic story teller even when that story involves ICU, kidney failure Heart surgery, hallucinations and post traumatic stress.

During this episode we discuss

  • How Catherine’s life changed with the sudden death of her mother
  • Finding solace in the sea for six years in Westport
  • Studying for a degree while coping with multiple miscarriages, moving house and ultimately pregnancy & birth
  • Me time
  • Her near death experience in 
  • Acceptance


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Guest Bio

​Tom Dunne is a Radio Broadcaster with Newstalk.  The Tom Dunne Show is a night- time radio show which is on air Monday to Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings. The show itself is a mix of popular culture in a way that will appeal to both men and women which focuses on music, culture, movies, sex, sports, comedy, books, gossip and technology.

He is also well-known as lead singer with Dublin group ‘Something Happens’ who were one of the country’s shining lights in the early 90’s with albums like ‘Bedlam A Go-Go’ and ‘Stuck Together With God’s Glue’ and unforgettable singles like ‘Parachute’ and ‘Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)’.

For more information please contact: or 35314278400

Over to You

Have you overcome a trauma, experienced hallucinations or gone through heart surgery? Did Tom’s story resonate with you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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