I am a research psychologist, neuroscientist, filmmaker,  award-winning science communicator and author of the No 1 bestseller 100 Days to a Younger Brain. I invite you to explore this website where you will find links to my animations, videos, websites, events and much more.

I believe that science is for sharing and have made more than 30 short films that offer practical advice on brain health, memory loss and dementia. These free online films have been Viewed in more than 140 countries, these free online films have been translated into multiple languages and are used by national health and advocacy organisations on four continents.

Together with colleagues and project partners I have also developed a number of websites and a free brain health app. These materials have been used by  the National Health Service in the UK and by the Health Services Executive in  Ireland for training and for the national Understand Together Dementia Awareness Campaign.

I am fascinated by the brain and human behaviour and give talks on a wide range of topics ( stress, sleep, caring, resilience, brain health, dementia, managing migraine, ageism, love etc). I have been described as passionate, inspirational and entertaining speaker (Audience Feedback / Bookings). I am regular guest, panellist and expert contributor on radio and television in Ireland.

I am passionate about lifelong learning, I attended university myself for the first time at the age of 42, graduating from NUIM in 2007, coming first in class with a first-class (hons) degree in psychology. The same year I was awarded a government of Ireland PhD scholarship to examine age-related decline in cognitive function at Trinity College Dublin which I completed in 3 years. Within weeks of graduating I successfully applied to the European Comminssion for 1 million euro to coordinate a multi-lingual project to promote brain health across Europe.

The year following my graduation I was made a Research Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin where I co-directed a dementia research programme at the Institute of Neuroscience. In 2019 I will lead an ambitious research project looking at the relationship between brain health, genetics, lifestyle and dementia (B-GLAD). The project is a collaboration with a global genomics partner and will be co-funded by them and Science Foundation Ireland.

In November 2016 I received Science Foundation Ireland’s inaugral award for “Outstanding Contribution to STEM Communication”. In 2017 it was a great honour to receive the Trinity College Provost’s award for Innovation in recognition of my work for social impact. RelAte a research project social isolation and malnutrition in older adults that I led was a finalist in the prestigious US-Ireland Research Innovation awards in 2017. I was also really chuffed to be named as one of IMAGE magazine’s Women of the Year 2018.

I am a passionate advocate for equality and human rights. I serve on the Equality Committee at Trinity College and Chair the Age Friendly Trinity Working Group. I also volunteer on advocacy and scientific advisory committees for multiple organisations involved in human rights for older adults and for people with dementia and other neurological conditions and their carers.

I live with my family in Dublin Ireland, where I was born and raised.

Oh and I am a serial dog rescuer, meet my three dogs Dizzy, Daisy and Scruffy.