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Project Title:Exercise and Chronic Health Conditions
From: 01/08/2018 To 31/12/2018
Summary: Animation promoting exercise in people with chronic health conditions
Funding Agency: Health Research Board

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Project Title:Older Irish in Britain
From: 01/12/2017 To 30/06/2018
Summary: Impacting health, wellbeing and vibrancy across ages and generations of the Irish in Britain
Funding Agency: Department of Foreign Affairs, Irish Abroad Unit – Emigrant Support Programme

Project Title: PATHFINdER
From: 01/12/2017 To 31/12/2018
Summary: Parental information on Therapeutic Hypothermia FollowIng Neonatal Encephalopathy
Funding Agency: Health Research Board

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Project Title: PPI-Ignite – Trinity College Dublin
From: 01/06/2017 To
Summary: Trinity College aims to increase public participation in all aspects of its research enterprise and to celebrate exemplars in order to develop a network of good practice that expands and sustains involvement.
Funding Agency: Health Research Board

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Project Title: No Pressure
From: 01/09/2016 To 30/06/2017
Summary: A pilot study to raise awareness of the impact of high blood pressure on brain health and dementia risk
Funding Agency: Global Brain Health Institute


Project Title: Brain Health for MS
From: 01/07/2016 To 30/11/2016
Summary: A bespoke brain health website and animations with easy-to-understand information about brain health for people with multiple sclerosis
Funding Agency: Novartis International

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Project Title: Caring for Carers – DeStress
From: 01/12/2015 To 30/09/2016
Summary: Animated films and online resources for carers
Funding Agency: Health Research Board – KEDS

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Project Title: Global Brain Health Institute
From: 01/10/2015 To
Summary: Co-Applicant
Funding Agency: The Atlantic Philanthropies

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Project Title: DemPath
From: 2014 To 2017
Summary: Development of an integrated care pathway for people with dementia
Funding Agency: GENIO

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Project Title: RelAte – Benefit of relationship-based mealtime intervention in social isolated older adults
From: 01/04/13 To 31/03/15
Summary: to determine the benefit of a relationship-based nutritional intervention in older people living alone.
Funding Agency: Home Instead Inc

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Project Title: DeStress:Cognitive function, caregiver stress and cortisol: Mechanisms and implications for prevention of adverse health consequences in spouse dementia caregivers. From 01/04/13 To 31/03/16
Summary: The main aim of this study is to clarify the relationship between cognitive function and the stress associated with caring for a spouse with dementia.
Funding Agency: Medical Research Charities Group and Health Research Board

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Project Title: FreeDem
From: 01/12/12 To 31/11/15
Summary:  develop and evaluate a series of online films that provide practical information, grounded in science, on memory loss, dementia and brain health
Funding Agency: GENIO

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Project Title: Early Intervention Coordination
From: 2012 To 2014
Summary:  research, develop and deliver a system of interventions that are responsive to the needs of people with early-stage dementia.
Funding Agency: Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht

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Project Title: NEIL NeuroEnhancement for Independent Lives
From: 01/10/2010 To 30/09/2017
Summary: To develop, evaluate, and deliver neuroenhancement to older people
Funding Agency: The Atlantic Philanthropies

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Project Title: Cognitive function in older adults
From: 2011 To 2016
Summary:  To investigate a range of hypotheses related to cognitive ageing


Project Title: ASAPS /Hello Brain
From: 01/10/2012 To 30/09/2014
Summary:  Promote health research and healthy ageing.
Funding Agency: The European Commission FP7 Programme

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Project Title: Frailty, Cognitive Function and Caregiver Stress
From: 19/03/13 To 18/03/16
Summary Role: Co-Supervisor PhD Candidate: Michael O’Sullivan Aims: To increase the understanding of the relationship between frailty and caregiver stress. To develop markers that predict cognitive decline.
Funding Agency: Irish Research Council – Enterprise Scheme

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Project Title: VSL
From: 2014 To 2015
Summary: Intervention study to assess the impact of VSL on cognitive function
Funding Agency: CD Investments SRL

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Project Title: Age-Related Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline: A model of the social and neurocognitive mechanisms that influence the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive ageing
From: 2014 To 2017
Summary: Co-Supervisor PHD Candidate David Loughrey
Funding Agency: Irish Research Council

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Project Title An Investigation of the Protective Effect of Cognitive Reserve against Cognitive Impairment
From: 2012 To 2015
Summary:Co-Supervisor PhD Candidate: Caoimhe Hannigan  Increase understanding of cognitive ageing and the social and psychological variables that mediate and moderate cognitive function in later life.
Funding Agency: Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences

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Project Title: Identifying early inflammatory changes in monocyte-derived macrophages from a population with IQ-discrepant episodic memory
From: 2011 To 
Summary: This study, which builds on work conducted in my PhD, examines blood samples for cellular markers of inflammation. If successful, it could offer a major opening for early screening and hence early prevention.


Project Title: TCIN-GSK Neurodegeneration Program
From: 2007 To 2010
Summary: to identify novel cognitive, electrophysiological and behavioural endpoints in human participants that offer greater sensitivity to age-induced cognitive changes than previous endpoints.
Funding Agency: Glaxo-Smith Klein, IDA

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Project Title: Neurocognitive and Electrophysiological Indices of Cognitive Performance in Ageing
From: 2007 To 2010
Summary: This project explored individual differences in cognitive performance in healthy elderly and aimed to identify neurocognitive and electrophysiological markers that index cognitive decline.
Funding Agency: Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology

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